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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  March 30, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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hyperactivity in the general population of children. however, the agency does say that for children who have adhd and other behavioral problems food dyes and other substances can make those issues worse. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. the news keeps coming. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. we're going to begin with a fox 5 exclusive. we're uncovering more details about the tragic death of a college student. police say he jumped in front of a train in new york city monday night. his parents and the police both want to know if this case is connected to a fraternity at the university of maryland and now we're hearing from his parents for the first time. fox 5's wisdom martin spoke with them. >> this is still a big mystery to investigators, university and friends and family members. tonight i spoke with the sassoon family and they talked about the day that their son out of the blue made a frantic call to them saying he was never going back to maryland and he wanted to kill himself.
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>> a lot of children in the city need help and why wait until it's too late for them to get help? >> there are students who have been referred for prosecution. >> all right. so we were about to hear from parent who talked about the night that he made that frantic call and about how the timeline went from the time he left that fraternity. they talked to him on the phone. they were trying to reach him and couldn't and at some point during that day he made the decision to drive to new york and get in front of that train and that is what they are trying to figure out. they're trying to put together a timeline basically. investigators in new york are working on this case as well as investigators in prince george's county prince george's county interviewing the roommate, family members and friends and the members of that fraternity house. we want to stress no charges have been filed and no allegations have been made. the sassoons told me ben did have his cleats in the car that day, so clearly he was planning
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to be at the frats soccer game the night this happened. they're trying to figure out what set him on this path of destruction. investigators have already talked to some of the members of the fraternity, also talked to his roommate in an effort to put some of the pieces of this puzzle together. >> we'll get back to that story in a minute. in the meantime do we know if there was anything happening in his personal life that might have triggered this? >> i talked to family members and friends and they say during spring break he was really a happy guy making plans for his birthday on april 20th, making plans for his friends to come down and hang out with him at college park. he was talking about his summer internship, talking about working on his car. he was in a great mood all week is what everybody was saying. even the sunday before classes started his roommate said he was in an excellent mood, excited about the semester, excited about the fraternity and his family said they wouldn't everyone to know there is no history of any kind of mental illness or anything like that. this was totally out of the blue and that's what makes this
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such a mystery. now to the mother a accused of barricading her three children in a room with a sheet of drywall. this week we told you christina moore is no stranger to police. tonight the father of her older children said he warned authorities about her years ago. fox 5's stacey cohan has more on this one now. >> 26-year-old christina moore and her 33-year-old boy friend john robey have been charged with felony child abuse. she's being held without bond. police found needles, prescription pills and smoking devices in the house and all along one very determined father said authorities failed to heed his calls for help. daniel tincher is the father of twin boys with moore. back in 2005 when they were toddlers moore was charged with child abuse when the boys were found wandering barefoot in a junkyard while she was sleeping in a camper. moore was eventually granted despite this unsupervised visits with the twins. tincher said they came home with alarming stories of
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neglect and signs of abuse, but despite repeated calls he says to social services and at least one call to police, nothing was done. >> i want to see the kids be happy and not have to live in filth and have a mom sleeping on the couch because she's all messed up. it's not right for kids to have to live like that. >> now tincher has custody of the boys and has never received any child support from moore according to him. he also says the boys have never received a single christmas present or birthday card from their mother and he does acknowledge moore needs help, but he believes she can never be trusted to care for kids unsupervised again. moore's three girls, the ones involved in the drywall case, are in the custody of child protective services. this evening marks one year since the most deadly drive-by shooting in d.c. history. four people were killed, another five wounded.
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the apparent motive? retaliation for an earlier shooting in a dispute over a missing bracelet. at a vigil tonight survives, city leaders and community activists say they have a singular purpose, to keep kids from becoming killers. the service was held at the site of the shooting one year ago along south capitol street. >> a lot of children in the city need help and why wait until it's too late for them to get help? >> at least two of the suspects charged in the shooting had been in and out of the court system. d.c. council member david catania introduced the south street tragedy memorial act of 2011. the bill will create a comprehensive and sophisticated youth mental health screening system to ensure enforcement of existing truancy laws. to the crisis in lybia, moammar gadhafi's forces are making inroads against rebel fighters recapturing a strategic oil town and halting the advance toward the capital of tripoli. the white house says it is assessing options for all types of assistance to libyan rebels
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including supplying arms. the top nato commander warn there's evidence the rebels ranks include members of al qaeda and other eke tropical storm groups. recent radiation -- extremist groups. recent radiation readings outside japan's crippled nuclear plants show levels extremely higher. >> my understanding is that the situation continues to be very serious. >> reporter: the head of the united nations nuclear watchdog says it's still an uphill battle at the fukushima dai- ichi nuclear power plant. crews racing to get the facility under control after it was damaged by an earthquake and tsunami earlier this month, adding to the dilemma, radiation levels in nearby seawater more than 3,300 times normal. halfway a world away leaders in washington are trying to soothe fears of a similar event happening in the united states. >> with regard to american
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reactors, we believe they are safe and as a result of this tragedy they're going to be safe. >> reporter: but what if something does happen in the u.s.? the federal government has evacuation plans in place for people living within 10 miles of a potential disaster, but the u.s. warned americans to stay at least 50 miles away from the fukushima power plant prompting the question from a new jersey senator at a hearing on capitol hill today. >> why not require the same kind of evacuation plan to address the same distance here at home? >> reporter: the head of the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission defended the u.s. policy. >> we believe 10 miles is sufficient, but that is not necessarily the end of any protective action. you could take additional action beyond that, if necessary. >> reporter: back here in japan radiation readings are showing substantially higher than recommended within the exclusion zone and that's likely to add to the growing debate over just how far people should stay away from the dai-
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ichi complex. fox news. several penalties for unreliable maryland utilities, the state senate approved an amendment today that would allow penalizing utilities that aren't meeting reliability standards in 2012 instead of 2014. senators also passed a provision to increase the potential fine. it would go from $10,000 each day to meet standards to 2.5% of the utility's gross revenue, which could add up to millions of dollars. pepco continuing to address concerns about its reliability following recent outages. the utility's president reached out to residents through the aarp tonight and touched on plans to improve services. >> the district of columbia, it's an additional $90 million that we're putting forward to make reliability improvements to improve service to our customers. >> pepco's president said while customers believe underground lines could help improve service, that's not always the case. sometimes power outages can last longer because crews have
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to spend more time finding the problem underground. it's about to get much more crowded on metro. plus google is unveiling a new feature. shawn yancy has your fox 5 top five. >> we're starting off tonight with a heads up for nationals fans. tomorrow is opening day. no. 5, getting to and from the game may be crowded. metro predicts standing line only on green line trains all season. expect heavier crowds at the west entrance of the navy yard metro station because it's only a block from the stadium. to avoid the crowds metro says consider taking metrobus. no. 4, you can now recommend internet ads in search result. google rolled out its plus one button today. it's sort of like the like button on facebook. google hopes to use the button to make its search results more relevant and ads more tempting to click. no. 3 is a heads up for chocolate lovers. getting your fix will cost more. the hershey company is raising
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prices by nearly 10%. the reason? the candymaker says its costs are going up. the price hike comes a few weeks before parents have to fill those easter baskets. no. 2, you can expect major delays on new york avenue in the district. starting april 25th a stretch of the roadway between penn street northeast and florida avenue northeast will be reduced from six lanes to four. crews will be rehabbing the new york avenue bridge and no. 1 tonight, we already told you it will cost you more to catch a d.c. taxicab. today d.c.'s mayor extended the limits of that taxicab fuel charge. it will now cost an extra dollar for trips that begin in the district and end in other jurisdictions. the extra fee will stay in place until july 27th unless gas prices drop. brian, that's tonight's fox 5 top five. i also learned another tile -- a health alert, another tylenol recall. look for 150 count bottles of tylenol extended release
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capsules. the problem is a musty or moldy smell. johnson & johnson recalled 700,000 other products for the same problem in january. for more details go to look for our recall page under under the money tab. -- under the money tab. america's weight problem is not only affecting humans. veterinarians nationwide are seeing more pudgy pets. one of the main reasons, owners don't know what they're feeding their animals and others have moved to change that. >> what their waistline looked like, she has a jiggle. ♪ and wigging it just a little bit. ♪ i want to see you wiggle it just a little bit ♪ >> reporter: yes, our four legged friends are wiggling it but these days more than just a little bit. >> i think maybe start with five and sort of reassess how do her ribs feel. >> reporter: ribs on most of our pets you can't even see them. perhaps brownie here ate one too many brownies. >> we don't see the ribs. >> reporter: brownie is not
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alone. a study for pet obesity prevention says more than 51% of dogs are overweight or obese weighing in above what is considered healthy. >> he said if you're seeing chunkier dogs, you're seeing more diabetes, more orthopedic problems like joint disease, increased risk of cancer, high blood pressure. >> reporter: it could even lead to death, but addressing the issue is not so easy. >> does she have jiggles? >> a little jiggle. >> oh, no. >> each of the healthy weight foods. >> reporter: petsmart manager sarah zigler says the fat talk is a very touchy issue. >> frequently it's disbelief actually. they're a little offended that someone told them their dog is overweight. >> reporter: americans' waistlines are expanding and so are pets and pet food manufacturers are catching on and cashing in. look at all this natural and doggy diet food bags. what used to take up 15% of store shelves now takes up 25%. once you add in the holistic,
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the natural like keen 0 and flaxseed, the number goes -- quiona and flaxseed, the number goes up here. here at petsmart, fido can chief it all and if that's not enough -- can achieve it all and if that's not enough, what about weight loss challenge? hey, you could win up to a million dollars. >> they're playing to the minds of the pet owners. >> it has to do with portion sizes and people being unable to make their own portion sizes. if you think about how many kid have to feed their dog and are they really getting a cup. >> reporter: dr. katie luke says the problem is simple. >> it comes down tonight only genetics just like in people -- to not only genetics just like in people, but their level of activity. >> reporter: sound familiar?
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you won't find calorie counts on these bags for your pet. dr. luke says that's also part of the problem. the fda does not require calories to be listed on the bag unless it bills itself as low calorie. >> unfortunately that's not a mandated inclusion on the label at this point. >> reporter: the american veterinarian medical association is now pushing the fda for change to help pet owners and vets fight pet obesity. just take a look at how these dogs core intake can vary. until then controlling your pet's jiggle, wiggle and waistline is going to be all guesswork. >> tell me how much you want to lose. what are you feeding them now? how much are you feeding them? >> reporter: the wait loss could mean years gained with your furry friend. >> tomorrow morning's going to be one of those bundle up when you're walking the dog for the morning walk and get the
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umbrella, i guess. >> it's going to be real damp and make it feel even more uncomfortable out there. it's damp tonight. that's for sure. we've had a little bit of everything with the rain and sleet and snow falling out there. it's still falling, too. let's go right over to radar and show you what's taking place out there. still light showers coming across the city. yes, there could be a little mix down towards the metro, but most of that is happening up to the north of us. this is beginning to taper off a little bit. so it looks like overnight tonight yes, we still have a real good chance of having some showers out there and primarily it kind of goes over into a drizzle-type state late, late tonight into the first part of tomorrow. so in term of what we're expecting eventually this dies down a little bit. here's your overnight forecast. some showers, some drizzle. the light mix whether it's sleet and snow and i know a little bit of you had a dusting out there, 36 degrees for a low temperature, a little cooler up to the north into the west,
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some places maybe just touch freezing overnight, but it shouldn't be much colder than that. this is futurecast to give you an idea what we're thinking tomorrow morning. again still some showers possible, but it does look like we begin to break into more of a drizzle-type situation around sunrise or so. that still means it's going to be a wet morning commute and look back to the north and west. you still see some snow out there. so drizzle throughout the day tomorrow, possibility of an on and off shower, hoping that the showers will hold off late enough so that the nats will be able to get in their home opener. it's not going to be real nice out there. it's going to be damp, drizzly, a shower here or there and temperatures only in the lower 40s. the game starts at 1:00 and that's pretty much the forecast. right up i-95 again mostly rain here, comes back in late tomorrow evening and is with us and then we dry out a little bit as we start going into the daytime friday. look at the temperatures, still cool until sunday.
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sunday's not looking too terribly bad and it may be a little bit more stringlike sunday, but unfortunately not so much for saturday -- spring- like sunday, but unfortunately not so much for saturday. sunday is not too bad. the forecast tomorrow, basically temperatures upper 30s, lower 40s and showery, drizzly, gray and damp and just not too very nice out there. a little early mixture on friday, sun tries to come back and we warm up through the weekend, more rain coming up next week. want to get back to our top story now, a college student at the university of maryland, police say he jumped in front of a train in new york city monday night. fox 5's wisdom martin is looking closer into this story now. >> he was so, so happy. maryland was his dream school for years from the time he was in high school. all he could talk about was he wanted to go to un maryland. >> reporter: vince sassoon's parents say the 9 deep-year-old was excited about finishing
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his -- 19-year-old was excited about finishing his sophomore year. he was ready to complete his final week of pledging with delta sigma phi fra certainty. >> when he started to pledge his -- fraternity. >> when he started to pledge his fraternity, he loved the guys, everything about the fraternity. >> reporter: sat soons say they learned through investigators that -- the sassoons say they learned through investigators that vince was there for breakfast and stayed an hour and a half. an hour and a half later ben's father tried to contact him. >> my first text message was around 11:00. i said hey, ben, what's up. we usually text and he said everything good. i'm okay and i never got a response on my first text message. >> reporter: he said he kept texting, but there was no response. >> what got me very worried is then my fourth or fifth text he wasn't answering and all of a sudden i get a text from him saying i'm sorry.
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>> reporter: but he didn't say what he was sorry about. after several calls ben picked up and told his father he was on his way back home and never going back to maryland. >> and he was crying hysterically and at some point he said i know i'm thinking of committing suicide or i am going to commit sue side of. >> reporter: his father said he tried to calm ben -- suicide. >> reporter: his father said he tried to calm ben down but nothing was working. he said finally at 4 p.m. ben hung up. it was the last time his family would speak to him. >> he was upset about something. he needed to calm down and relax and it would pass. didn't think it was something that he would act upon. >> he didn't want to go back to maryland so, something happened in maryland that he didn't want to go back there, the school or the fraternity somewhere and that's what's going through my mind. >> reporter: police say at 5:45 p.m. ben killed hips by jumping in front of a long eye -- himself by jumping if front of a long island train -- in front of a long island train leaving his
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friends and parents wondering what could have prompted that kind of a reaction from his friend with seemingly so much to live for. >> it's not going to bring back my son, but at least we can understand or prevent it from happening to any other parent. >> reporter: as we mentioned, the sassoons say ben did have his soccer cleats in a bag in his car. so clearly he was planning to be at the frats soccer game the monday that this happened, but something set him on this path of destruction and that's what investigators want to know. they want to continue to work on this timeline and see if they can figure out exactly what trig you'red this kind of reaction. -- triggered this kind of reaction. coming up next this just looks like a page from a coloring book, but cops say it actually has drugs painted on it next. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00.
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mexican drug cartels are now recruiting american to ans to carry drugs from juarez to the u.s -- teens to carry drugs from juarez to the u.s. over the past 10 years nearly 500 juvenals have been caught with drugs in el paso -- juveniles have been caught with drugs in el paso county, texas. >> they'll tell them look, you're a juvenile. nothing is going to happen to you. >> school districts along the border are now inviting authorities into their classrooms to warn students about the risks of helping the
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cartels. did you see it? an inventive way to smuggle drugs into a prison. this is page from a children's coloring books, but new jersey cops say that orange smear is not paint. it's suboxone, a narcotic used to treat heroin addiction. two women dissolved the drug into a paste, painted it onto the pages, then mailed the book to the three inmates. the plot didn't work. a suspicious mail room authority alerted authorities. the women face smuggling charges. up next a mini melee breaking out in a wizards game. the refs ejected several players including john wall. we'll show you how it went down next. n.mar.
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good evening. i'm dave feldman. lebron james and the heat came listening into town after getting pummeled by cleveland last night. they were upset. don't shoot mongo. you'll only make him angry. drama with under nine minutes to go in the 1st half. wall is elbowed and he won't have any of it. they get into it. everyone gets into it. here it is up close. elbow doesn't hit him square in the jaw, but it's enough to upset wall and what you clearly
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can see is wall throwing a punch right to the body of his opponent and dejuan howard tangled with mcgee. howard is gone but play would continue. 4th quarter wiz down seven, turn it over. lebron james knocks down jordan you ford, gets it back and look out. lebron with a team high 35. heat win 123-107 spoiling a career high of 39 points by the wizards rookie jordan crawford. you know when the nats host the braves tomorrow opening day two of the teams marquee names won't be there, steven strasburg recovering from tommy johns surgery was at today's fan fest and told the media things are going well and his elbow feels pretty good. also in attendance the nats top pick from this year's draft bryce harper, the 18-year-old. he'll begin the season in hagerstown and despite the fact won't be with the big league club opening day he's not too
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down about where he is right now. >> i can't complain about anything because, you know, i'm doing the thing that i love every single day. as long as i get to play baseball and do the thing i get to do, that's what i'm going to do. i'm going to go out and play as hard as i always do and work hard. gary mcgrady assures me this will not be the scene tomorrow at nats park, fans, players getting treated to some of the white stuff at an exhibition game between the indians and the columbus clippers. this was in columbus, game stopped after 2 1/2 innings due to the white stuff, an unsafe field condition. we got you covered for nats opening day tomorrow weather permitting. tony perkins and dave ross on the fox 5 morning show, lindsay murphy and myself at the game live at 5:00 and 6:00. i'm dave feldman. brian, back to you. >> gary, how is it looking for tomorrow? >> we won't have any


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